Keep farking that chicken, Rush

Limbaugh apologizes for comments aimed at Sandra Fluke.

The apology, posted to his website, said he did not mean to make a "personal attack" against Sandra Fluke. The third-year law student had testified before Democrats in favor of President Obama’s new rule requiring employers to offer health insurance plans that cover birth control. "My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir," he wrote. "I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices." Limbaugh’s words had sparked an immediate backlash, drawing ire from all sides and leading some companies to pull advertising support for his show. But although he apologized for the remarks, Limbaugh did not back down from his position on the contraceptive requirement. "I think it is absolutely absurd that during these very serious political times, we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress," he wrote. "I personally do not agree that American citizens should pay for these social activities. What happened to personal responsibility and accountability?"

What happened to accountability? Well, my guess is Ms. Fluke’s lawyers are going to remind you. And for those of you who think that’s an actual honest to god apology, I have a few sleep number beds to sell you.

Apparently Rush’s hearing still isn’t back to what it should be, so let’s spell it out. Ms. Fluke’s story is not about sex. It never was about sex. Hell the biggest part of her testimony wasn’t about Ms. Fluke herself, but rather a friend who developed ovarian cysts cause she couldn’t get the medication that she needed. But that got lost on ol Pillbaugh in his attempt to be an entertainer. He decided to go with the slut and prostitute blasts and is now seeing his advertisers jump ship so fast even rats are going, “damn that was quick”.

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Not exactly the take I came away from.

ESPN ‘Around the Horn’ colleagues weigh in on Jay Mariotti –

Asked about the widespread criticism that has been directed at Mariotti from fans, athletes and other media members, the show’s panelists explained why it was largely to be expected — while none sharply criticized Mariotti.

I watched this episode of Around the Horn, and while the above description is technically true I didn’t feel much support for Mariotti on the show. They didn’t throw him under the bus, but neither did any of them step out and try to pull him out of the path of it.

And much of this Mariotti brought on himself. He’s the equivalent of Christopher Lloyd’s character in Who Framed Roger Rabbit: a human cartoon. Loud, brash, and over the top. And his own criticism of others is coming back to roost. If Jim Rome ever gets picked up for DUI, I expect to hear at least six months of sub hosts (which might not be a bad thing according to some Stucknutters).

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Good thing Lindsay’s out of rehab

Cause from this document, it sure sounds like the lawyers were on somethiing.

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This takes stones

Forget apathetic: if this doesn’t inspire Trojan fan to get out in the street and burn Pete Carroll in effigy Terry Schiavo thinks Trojan fan needs to show more life:

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Mr. President, what are you waiting for? An invitation?

PHOENIX – Law officers backed by helicopters hunted gunmen in Arizona’s desert early Saturday after a sheriff’s deputy was wounded by suspected illegal immigrants believed to be smuggling marijuana, officials said. The violent episode came amid nationwide debate over the state’s tough new immigration law.

From: Arizona deputy shot; illegal immigrants suspected – Yahoo! News

President Obama has been saying that comprehensive immigration reform will have to wait until next year. Whether you read that as amnesty or whatever is your own political beliefs. You know what doesn’t have to wait or shouldn’t wait, Mr. President? You acting in your capacity as commander in chief and chief executive in getting more forces down there near the border and guarding against this sort of garbage. You don’t like the SB1070 law? Well neither do I; stop giving the other side ammo to use against you!

Oh, and to the supporters of Arizona’s “Show me Your Paperz” bill: nothing about that law would have stopped what happened here. First off, if you don’t think you have probable cause to arrest, search and question a handful of men carrying AK-47s (wonder where they got THOSE from?) and a few pounds of the ganja under the law as it stands you are smoking something. Either way I think the requests for papers would have stopped the moment the guns started.

But the supporters of the Arizona law are going to capitalize on this issue while you wait for immigration reform. Let me spell this out to you: men with guns and weed aren’t looking for a better life in America. They’re looking for cash. You have the tools at your disposal to stop or seriously hinder this. Use them.

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Mike Leach vs the God Squad

Mike Leach after Kansas Game (Explicit Language)

Okay, initially when I heard this I didn’t think it was that bad. Yeah, so he cursed up a storm. Guess what? All coaches do that. And don’t tell me that there isn’t a 99.9999% chance that these kids have heard that language before cause they have. It’s sloppy (most of the time when you curse you’ve lost control of yourself and therefore the situation) but nothing firable.

Like I said, I didn’t think it was that bad. . .until he started quoting the Bible and going after players for their religion. Three things you never attack a player for are his family, his sex life (whatever that may be) and his religion. That’s over the line. And isn’t Texas Tech a public institution? What the hell is a public instructor doing quoting Bible verses?

Mike Leach’s attorney said that he thought today’s deposition strengthened his case. Maybe and maybe that’s what all lawyers say about their clients even if they eff up. But if I’m Mike Leach’s attorney I’m fighting like hell to exclude that. I don’t know much about Texas, but I’m thinking people in the Bible Belt are going to be a bit offended by Mr. Leach telling them they should only pray about football.

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Intentions are good, but. . .

Palm Springs police officer honored for making 120 DUI arrests | | The Desert Sun

Palm Springs police officer Jennifer Kennedy was recognized Wednesday with an award for her 120 DUI arrests in 2009, according to the department.

Maybe I’m reading a little bit too much out of this and maybe the explanation got edited out of the article, but exactly why are they honoring her for arrests? Not convictions; arrests. I would hope that there is a little bit more to this than just her arrest record.

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Actually he’s wrong

FHP: Driver lacked razor-sharp focus |

“She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit,” Trooper Gary Dunick said. “If I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t have believed it. About 10 years ago I stopped a guy in the exact same spot … who had three or four syringes sticking out of his arm. It was just surreal and I thought, ‘Nothing will ever beat this.’ Well, this takes it.”

While it is fun to make fun of the pennis state for this sort of thing, the officer–with all due respect–is wrong. This could happen in any meth lab zone of any town in any state of the good old USA. A woman getting into an accident because she (and I use that term liberally) couldn’t wait to shave her snizz. A woman who wasn’t supposed to be driving, but was. With her ex-husband on her way to her boyfriend.  Jerry Springer is somewhere beating his head against a desk cause he couldn’t keep his show on long enough to cover this train wreck.

And if you happen to want to know what this “delicate flower” looks like, wait no longer:

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Thanks Gov and Thank you Amazon

E-mail that I received from Amazon over the weekend:

Dear Colorado-based Amazon Associate:

We are writing from the Amazon Associates Program to inform you that the Colorado government recently enacted a law to impose sales tax regulations on online retailers. The regulations are burdensome and no other state has similar rules. The new regulations do not require online retailers to collect sales tax. Instead, they are clearly intended to increase the compliance burden to a point where online retailers will be induced to “voluntarily” collect Colorado sales tax — a course we won’t take.

We and many others strongly opposed this legislation, known as HB 10-1193, but it was enacted anyway. Regrettably, as a result of the new law, we have decided to stop advertising through Associates based in Colorado. We plan to continue to sell to Colorado residents, however, and will advertise through other channels, including through Associates based in other states.

There is a right way for Colorado to pursue its revenue goals, but this new law is a wrong way. As we repeatedly communicated to Colorado legislators, including those who sponsored and supported the new law, we are not opposed to collecting sales tax within a constitutionally-permissible system applied even-handedly. The US Supreme Court has defined what would be constitutional, and if Colorado would repeal the current law or follow the constitutional approach to collection, we would welcome the opportunity to reinstate Colorado-based Associates.

You may express your views of Colorado’s new law to members of the General Assembly and to Governor Ritter, who signed the bill.

Your Associates account has been closed as of March 8, 2010, and we will no longer pay advertising fees for customers you refer to after that date. Please be assured that all qualifying advertising fees earned prior to March 8, 2010, will be processed and paid in accordance with our regular payment schedule. Based on your account closure date of March 8, any final payments will be paid by May 31, 2010.

We have enjoyed working with you and other Colorado-based participants in the Amazon Associates Program, and wish you all the best in your future.

Best Regards,

The Amazon Associates Team

So I have three people (well people and groups) to thank: Amazon for cutting me off with no warning and the Gov and the Democratic-controlled General Assembly for passing this law in the first place. All I can say at this point is vote the bums out and buy from Barnes and Noble. And I do not wish you the best in the future, Amazon. Unless you define “best” as your stock tanking faster than an AirFrance flight.

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Now what could possibly go wrong here?

Soldier Arrested for Bringing Loaded Gun into Bar

Police say the suspect, 24-year-old Michael Spallone, an active duty U.S. Army soldier, was intoxicated and became angry at other patrons at the bar. Spallone had a loaded semi-automatic handgun with him and he made threats that he was going to kill some of the patrons. Some of his friends overheard the threats and notified security.

I’m a supporter of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. I support the right of adults to drink. What I do not support is people doing both things at the same time. If you’re loaded your gun shouldn’t be and vice versa. And if he did this there is no justification because he’s in the army. Quite the opposite. Since he’s in the army he should know better than to use guns like that.

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